Caldwell Electric is Now an Authrorized Samsara Reseller

Posted by Otto Caldwell on

Caldwell Electric is pleased to announce that it has recently been awarded an authorized reseller for Samara cloud-based asset monitoring devices. Samsara's condition monitoring line provides web-based real time data on the health of industrial machinery, accessible anywhere in the world, from your computer of smart phone. 

We were eager to try out the Samsara HM11 vibration and temperature monitor to see how well it worked at detecting bad bearings before further damage to a motor occurred.

We got that opportunity with a GE 200 HP DC motor that come to our shop that was in need of new bearings. We were pleased to see that the HM11 was able to detect the bad bearings in this motor through the FFT frequency-based vibration spectrum.

See the details and results of the test.

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