Job 1510 - 200 HP DC

This job was a recondition of a GE 200 HP DC motor, which consisted of the following:

  • Teardown and inspection
  • Wash and bake stator and armature
  • Install new brushes and wear in for proper fit
  • Set the neutral position on the brush rack
  • Install new bearings
  • Install grounding brush kit
  • Re-lead for longer power leads
  • Re-assemble, paint and test

Below is a video of the motor running when it first arrived at our shop, and then after bearings were replaced. Also shown are the frequency spectrums of vibration before and after.  Vibrations were recorded using a Samsara wireless vibration and temperature sensor:



Below are the Y and Z axis frequency plots from the Samsara wireless cloud-based vibration monitor before the bearings were replaced:


And here is the spectrum after the bearing change:

Below is a photo of the newly installed grounding brush kit:

Grounding brush kit on a DC 200 HP