Collection: CFW500 Remote Display / Keypad Options

The WEG CFW500 VFDs have a variety of remote keypad / display options available.  The CFW500-HMIR is the standard non-text display and keypad for remote mounting.  The CFW500-HMI1 is the advanced display with text and keypad.  The required options for a remote keypad/display can be a bit confusing, so we'll try to clarify what is needed for each option below.

 CFW500-HMIR standard remote display / keypad

CFW500-HMIR Standard Display / Keypad

  • Works with both Gen1 and Gen2 CFW500 VFDs
  • Does not need frame kit for mounting
  • Requires CCHMIRxxM Cable Kit
  • List Price: $169
CFW500-HMI-01 advanced text display and keypad

HMI-01 Advanced Text Display / Keypad

  • Works with Gen2 (G2) CFW500 VFDs, and CFW11 VFDs
  • Requires RHMIF frame mounting kit
  • Requires CCHMIRxxM Cable kit 
  • Has non-volatile memory to store entire drive setup (can move to another VFDs)
  • Has battery backed real-time clock, useful for event and fault logging
  • List Price: $205