Collection: Weg Contactors and Starters

The Weg line of IEC contactors offer outstanding quality at great pricing in a small compact design.  Weg also offers a full line of overload relays which mount directly below these contactors to provide a complete starter configuration to protect motors and other devices from damage.  A contactor with an overload relay together make a "starter". 


  • Panel Mountable on 35mm DIN rail, or with screws
  • Built-in auxiliary contacts standard:  1 NO + 1 NC
  • Zero-Width side-by-side mounting, even with mechanical interlocks
  • Plug-In coil surge-suppressor blocks
  • Coil and aux. connections easily accessible from front of contactor
  • Many accessories including additional aux. contacts, surge suppressors, mechanical interlocks, Wye-Delta and reversing wiring harnesses