WEG CFW500 Gen 1 vs G2 Gen 2 VFDs

WEG has introduced a newer model of the CFW500 referred to as Gen 2, denoted by a G2 in the model suffix.  So what are the differences between the original CFW500 and the newer G2?  See our table below:

 FEATURE CFW500 (G1) CFW500-G2
STO (Safe Torque Off) Option SFY2 NO YES
Remote Advanced Text Keypad HMI-01


BACnet Communication NO YES
Pump Genius - Multiplex NO YES
Copy VFD Parameters using MMF Module NO YES

Field Upgradable firmware using WPS

SoftPLC Progam stored on main system  NO YES
VFD Parameters Copy/Paste using HMI-01  NO YES
WPS Software Compatibility NO YES
WLP Software Compatibility YES YES
SoftPLC Program stored in I/O Module YES NO