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Weg VRB-E34 Surge Suppressor Plug-In for CWB Contactors

Weg VRB-E34 Surge Suppressor Plug-In for CWB Contactors

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The Weg CWB Plug-in surge suppressors quench the high voltage spikes inherent in magnetic coils when power is applied or removed. These suppressors help increase the life-splan of relay and switch contacts and protect sensitive electronics which may be used to turn on the contactor. Strongly recommended for applications where the contactor is controlled by a PLC or other electronic means.

Weg offers three types: RC-Circuit, Varistor, and Diode. RC circuit types are generally recommended for AC coils. Varistor types can be used for either AC or DC coils. Diode type suppressors are recommended for DC coils only, and polarity must be observed when using the diode plug-in.

Catalog No. VRB-E34
Suppresor Type Varistor
Voltage 50-127VAC, 60-180VDC

Compatible with all Weg CWB series contactors.


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