Weg SSW050085T2246EPZ Soft Start 85 Amp 220-460 VAC

  • $917.56

Weg P/N 10052035

The Weg SSW05 Soft Starter is a super compact fully digital soft starter with a state-of-the-art DSP controller and built-in bypass. Simplicity in set-up and operation is assured since all parameters and set-up selections are made with simple dip switches and potentiometers on the front panel. Simplicity, ease of set-up, and the micro size make the SSW05 an excellent choice for general purpose motor soft starting and motor protection. The built-in bypass eliminates the need for an external contactor after the motor reaches full speed.

Standard Features

  • Duty Cycle: 300% rated current for 10 seconds, 4 starts per hour
  • Built-in bypass
  • One digital input for Start/Stop(90-250 Vac)
  • One digital input for Fault Reset(90-250 Vac)
  • One relay output for Run indication(1 amp - 250V)<;li>
  • RS-232 serial port
  • Adjustable acceleration and deceleration ramps(1-20 seconds)
  • Protective Features: Motor overload, over current and locked rotor, SCR overload, phase loss, and phase sequence
  • DIN rail or direct mount


Catalog No. SSW050085T2246EPZ
Part No. 10052035
Phase 3
Voltage 220-460
Amps 85
Control Voltage (required) 90 - 250 Vac
Enclosure IP00 Protected Chassis
Frame Size {'H': 7.28, 'W': 3.11, 'D': 6.8}
Weight 3.68 lbs

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