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Weg SSW050016T2246EPZ Soft Start 16 Amp 220-460 VAC

Weg SSW050016T2246EPZ Soft Start 16 Amp 220-460 VAC

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NOTE: EPZ Version Discontinued.

Model SSW050016T2246EPZ has been replaced by SSW050016T2246TPZ. The only difference between these is that the EPZ only contained an English user manual. The model TPZ user manual is in 3 languages.

The Weg SSW05 Soft Starter is a compact fully digital soft starter with a state-of-the-art DSP controller and built-in bypass.

Easy setup using only front panel dip switches and dials.

The built-in bypass eliminates the need for an external contactor after the motor reaches full speed, and effectively takes the soft start out of the circuit, while protection monitoring remains in place.

For high inertia loads, please see the SSW07 or SSW900 product lines


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  • Specs

    Model: SSW050016T2246EPZ

    P/N: 10052032

    Amps: 16

    Voltage: 220-460

    Phase: Three-Phase


    L: 5.12 in

    W: 2.32 in

    D: 5.71 in

    Weight: 3 lb

    Enclosure Rating: IP00


    • General Purpose

  • Features

    Input Voltage: 208-480V 50/60Hz 3-Phase

    Bypass Contactor: built-in

    Duty Cycle: 300% rated current for 30 seconds, 4/hour

    Digital Input: Start/Stop (90-250 VAC)

    Digital Input: Fault Reset (90-250 VAC)

    Relay Output: Run Indication (1amp - 250V)

    Coms: RS-232 Port

    Acc and Dec Ramps: 0 -20 sec adj.

    Mounting: DIN Rail or Direct Mount

    Protective Features:
    - Motor Overload
    - Over Current
    - SCR Overload
    - Phase Loss
    - Phase Sequence