Weg RWM40E-3-A4U025 Electronic Overload

  • $59.57

Weg RW-E series of electronic overload relays are designed to protect expensive motors from damage due to overloads, phase loss, and current unblances. The Weg electronic relay is up to 87% more energy efficient compared to thermal overload relays (below 0.38W at 25 load curent), saving on both energy and cabinet ventilation demands.

The Weg solid state electronic overloads also have a much larger settable current range as compared to the thermal overloads, thus reducing spare parts inventory. The entire current range from 0.4 to 820 amps is covered by just 4 RW-E products.

Standard Features

  • Adjustable trip class 10,20 or 30
  • Wide range settable current overload value
  • Overload, phase-loss and current unbalance protection
  • Red flag trip indication
  • Isolated NO and NC auxiliary contacts
  • Selectable Manual/Auto/Remote RESET button
  • Low energy consumption and low power dissipation
  • Direct mounting below Weg contactors, or can use stand-alone mount accessory


Catalog No. RWM40E-3-A4U025
Settable Current Range 5.00-25.0
For contactors CWM9, CWM12, CWM18, CWM25, CWM32, CWM40, CWM9N, CWM18N, CWM32N


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