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Weg EC-SD2 Star-Delta Bus Bar for CWB Contactors

Weg EC-SD2 Star-Delta Bus Bar for CWB Contactors

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The Weg EC-SD1 and EC-SD2 star-delta bus bars for CRB contactors provide an easy means of building a star-delta motor starter for 3-phase electric motors. The EC-SD11 is for CWB contactors from 9 to 38 Amps, and the EC-SD2 is for CWB 40+ amp contactors

Star-Delta starters are specialized starters used to reduce the start-up in-rush currents on electric motors. A star-delta starter consists of 3 contactors working together to provide the appropriate switching so that the motor starts in a lower-current 'Y' mode, and then switches to 'Delta' mode once full speed is reached.

Star-Delta starters are not needed and should not be used when the motor is controlled by a soft-start or VFD drive.


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