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Weg CWB25-11-30D77 Contactor 25 Amp 208V AC Coil

Weg CWB25-11-30D77 Contactor 25 Amp 208V AC Coil

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Weg CWB series of contactors offer compact solutions for circuit switching and motor control. The 3-pole magenetic contactors are available up to 80 Amps in IEC versions and up to 50 Amps (sizes 00-2) in NEMA ratings. Both the IEC and NEMA rated contactors are DIN-rail mountable, or can be mounted with screws.

All terminals are accessable from the front, including coil connections, making installation and trouble-shooting a breeze.

Standard Features

  • Built-in Auxiliary contacts 1NO+1NC
  • Extra auxiliary contacts can be added to front and side
  • Plug-in coil surge-suppressor blocks
  • Zero-width side-by-side mounting, with or without mechanical interlocks
  • All terminals accessable from front, including coil connections.
  • Front channel wire guide for clean, organized installation
  • Wide range of AC and DC coils available
  • Developed according to UL 508 and IEC 60947 standards
  • UL and CE listed

Overload Relays

An overload relay is strongly recommended when a contactor is used for starting an electric motor. These devices protect expensive motors from overload, phase loss which may occur due to a blown fuse, and current imbalances which may result from loose connections or unbalanced incoming voltage.

See the links below for overload relay choices:


We carry the full line of CWB accessories including:

  • Auxiliary Contact Blocks
  • Coil Surge Suppressors
  • Mechanical Interlocks
  • Bus bars for reversing and star-delta configurations


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