Siemens 14DUE32A NEMA Size 1 Starter with 10-40 Amp Overload

  • $295.00

The Siemens 14DUE32Ax is a Class 14 3-phase non-reversing motor starter with an  ESP200 10-40 Amp overload relay.  The 'x' in the part number above is replaced by the letter from the coil voltage from the coil voltage selection above.

This NEMA Size 1 starter can start 3 -phase motors up to 10 HP on 460 VAC or up to 7.5 HP on 230 VAC.

NOTE: We will swap out the coil with a Siemens or equivalent brand for the desired coil voltage you select.

The ESP200 solid-state overload relay has dip-switches to select the following settings:

  • Selectable trip class 5,10,20 or 30
  • Phase-loss protection on or off
  • Phase-unbalance protection on or off
  • Ground fault-protection on or off
  • Reset automatic or manual

Complete Datasheet: 14DUE32AA