Siemens 14DUE32A* NEMA Size 1 Starter with 10-40 Amp Overload

  • $395.00

The Siemens 14DUE32A* is a 3-phase non-reversing motor starter with an  ESP200 10-40 Amp overload relay.  This NEMA Size 1 starter can start 3 -phase motors up to 10 HP on 460 VAC or up to 7.5 HP on 230 VAC. The '*' in the part number above is replaced by the letter representing the coil voltage from the coil voltage selection above. 

NOTE: We can swap out the coil for the desired coil voltage you select.  So even if the item shows out of stock, we can usually swap the coil and ship the starter with the correct coil in it. Contact us if you wish to verify availability.  

The included ESP200 solid-state overload relay has dip-switches to select the following settings:

  • Selectable trip class 5,10,20 or 30
  • Phase-loss protection on or off
  • Phase-unbalance protection on or off
  • Ground fault-protection on or off
  • Reset automatic or manual

Complete Datasheet: 14DUE32AC