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D/H-12 Carwash Controller 15 Amp 77715

D/H-12 Carwash Controller 15 Amp 77715

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New updated V2.0 DH-12 carwash controller, equivalent to the Dilling-Harris D/H-12 , P/N 77715.  Design has been updated with the following features:

  • Heavier diodes - reduces chance of failure
  • 12 Red LED input indicators 
  • 1 Green LED Output indicator
  • Heavy-Duty Power Quick Connectors

NOTE: These are build to order. Please allow 1 - 2 weeks lead time.

Functional Description

This controller accepts a +24V AC or DC signal on the left side terminal strips, with the common on the right side terminal strip.  Any one or more +24V inputs will turn on the internal relay to power a 110 to 220VAC motor, pump, light, or other device.  Rated for devices up to 15 Amps. 
Red LEDs indicate when incoming signal is on (24V DC or AC).  Green LED shows when output relay is engaged.

Typical application is for a bay carwash controller.  The carwash +24V solenoids which actuate selections such as soap, wax, etc. are hooked parallel with this controller.  If any solenoid is activated, the relay inside this unit turns on, activating a motor, pump, or other device.

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