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 single phase motor

Single-Phase Motors 

Single-phase motors run on single-phase power, either 1 hot and one neutral, or two hot wires, plus the safety green ground wire.  This is the typical power inside homes, farms and small businesses. Voltage is usually either 115 VAC or 230 VAC.  Single-phase motors usually have capacitors, as is visible by the two humps shown in this photo.  Typical output power ranges from 0 to 15 HP.  Some specialized single phase motors can be as high as 100 HP, but beyond 15 HP is rare. 

3-phase motor

 Three-Phase Motors 

Three-phase motors are very common in industry.  They run on 3-phase power, consisting of 3 hot wires, plus the safety green ground wire. Common voltages are 208, 230, 460, 600 VAC, and higher.  Output power ranges from 0 to several thousand HP.  They are much more efficient than single-phase motors, and the speed can easily be varied using an AC VFD Drive

DC motor

DC Motors

DC motors run on DC power, such as from a battery, or DC Drive.  They were the motor of choice when variable speed was needed. But new advances in AC VFD drive technology have largely replaced DC motors with AC motors. Their higher costs and higher maintenance costs have put them at a dis-advantage. But there are still many applications that need them, such as DC battery powered applications.  They also create less RF EMI, and provide a smooth constant torque response at all speeds down to 0 RPM. 

servo motor

Other Motors

Other motors consist of servo motors, stepper motors, generators, and more. Servo and stepper motors are common in precise positioning applications such as CNC machines, telescope positioners and more. 

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