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Weg CFW300A07P3S2NB20 VFD 7.3 Amp 2 HP 230 VAC Single Phase

Weg CFW300A07P3S2NB20 VFD 7.3 Amp 2 HP 230 VAC Single Phase

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The Weg CFW300 series AC Drive for 3-phase induction motors is a compact, cost-effective VFD for a variety of applications. The drive features a compact IEC DIN-Rail mountable frame with contactor-style connections (top in / bottom out). The CFW300 product range includes single-phase 120 or 230 VAC input up to 3 HP, as well as 3-phase 240VAC input up to 5 HP. The VFD includes built-in operator interface (HMI) and SoftPLC with free WPS programming software for custom tailored control schemes. A variety of plug-in option modules for additional I/O and communications protocols may be added to provide extended capabilities, making the CFW300 a flexible and cost effective solution for your variable speed requirements.

Caldwell Electric can setup VFD parameters and develop custom PLC programs to fit your needs for a nominal fee.

Catalog No. CFW300A07P3S2NB20
Phase Single Phase
Voltage 200-240 VAC
Amps 7.3
HP* 2
Braking Transistor None
Enclosure IP20
Frame Size {'H': 6.3, 'W': 2.8, 'D': 5.9}
Weight 1.54 LB

A Note on HP: It is best to match a VFD drive to the motor based on nameplate current, rather than HP. This is because the drive power electronics are rated by current. To ensure the drive can handle the motor nameplate current, the drive's current should be at least as high as the full load amps of the motor, and better if allowing is made for the service factor as well. So for example, a motor with nampelate current of 10 amps, with a S.F. rating of 1.15 could draw up to 11.5 Amps, so a VFD with a current rating of 11.5 or more would be appropriate.


CFW300 Drive Options and Modules

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