Weg CFW300-IOADR-D I/O Module: NTC (Infrared) Input, Infrared Remote with Display, 3 DOR

  • $142.92

The Weg CFW300-IOADR-D module provides a wireless infrared remote control and display for the CFW300 VFD. The kit includes the IOADR-D module, the infrared remote control with display, and a 2-meter cable between the module and IR sensor. Maximum distancebetween the sensor and the remote is 8 meters.

The Infrared Remote and display contains a total of 10 keys. The function of the keys are listed below:

IOADR Remote Control with Display Functions
Key Description
* Send a command to enable/disable the COOL and UVC funtions
Func Send command to enable/disable special function.
Mode Send command to change operating mode between AUTO and MAN
Swing Send command to enable/disable the SWING function
Timer Send command to enable timers 01 - 02 -03
Clean Send command to enable/disable the CLEAN function
(cycle) Send command to enable/disable the DRY function
Up Increments and sends percentage/temperature values
Down Decrements and sends percentage/temperature values
Power Sends ON/OFF commands. Press and Hold 5 seconds toggles temp. units from °F to °C.

The IOADR module also contains 3 NO (Normally Open) Relay contacts good for up to 5 Amps.