Weg CFW100B02P6S220G2 VFD 2.6 Amp 0.75 HP 220 VAC Single Phase

  • $155.40

Weg CFW100 Smallest VFD on market

The Weg CFW100 VFD is one of the smallest in the marketplace, measuring only 2.17 inches wide, and a frame size A height of only 3.94 inches. The CFW100 series take in single-phase 110VAC or 220VAC and produces 230V 3-phase power to run electic motors from 1/3 HP up to 2 HP. The drive is fully programmable and even has a built-in PLC that can programmed for special functionality. A variety of I/O and communication option are also available.

Caldwell Electric can setup VFD parameters and develop custom PLC programs to fit your needs for a nominal fee.

Catalog No. CFW100B02P6S220G2
Phase Single Phase
Voltage 200-240 VAC
Amps 2.6
HP* 0.75
Enclosure None
Frame Size {'H': 4.6, 'W': 2.17, 'D': 5.08}
Weight 1.26 LB

A Note on HP: It is best to match a VFD drive to the motor based on nameplate current, rather than HP. This is because the drive power electronics are rated by current. To ensure the drive can handle the motor nameplate current, the drive's current should be at least as high as the full load amps of the motor.


CFW100 Drive Options and Modules