Lenze I55AE125D10V01000S 1/3 HP 240 VAC 1 or 3 Phase VFD Drive

Lenze I55AE125D10V01000S 1/3 HP 240 VAC 1 or 3 Phase VFD Drive

  • $182.79

The i500 series of VFDs is Lenze's latest line of inverters, available from 0.33 to 175 HP in a slim space-saving package. Designed in an IP-20 type enclosure (finger-guard protection) for in-cabinet mounting with a variety of interface options for remote control and SCADA integration.  

 NOTE: Keypad sold separatelySee options below.

 Model i550
Part Number I55AE125D10V01000S
Input Voltage Range 170 to 264 VAC 1 or 3 phase, 45 to 65 Hz
Rated Output Current 1.7 Amps 3-phase
Dimensions H x W X D (inches) 6.1 x 2.36 x 5.12
Digital I/O 5 Inputs; 1 Output
Analog I/O 2 Inputs; 1 Output
Integrated RFI Filter? No
STO (Safe-Torque Off) ? No


Front Panel Control Options:

Lenze i500 Keypad


Lenze i500 Wireless LAN interface

Wireless LAN

Lenze USB Interface

USB Interface

Blank Cover


Control Unit Options:

For a customized solution utilizing one of the fieldbus options below, the i550 power unit may be purchased separately.

  • CANOpen 
  • EtherCAT 
  • Ethernet / IP
  • Profibus
  • Profinet

See all control unit listings


Recommended Options For This Drive

A mains choke reduces the negative effects of the VFD on the incoming AC power lines by filtering out harmonics, which reduces overall apparent power, improving efficiency and helps to reduce RF interference.  Recommended for all drives, and required on 30 HP and larger drives.

 Lenze i500 ELN1-0900H005 1-Phase Choke 5 Amps


For drives powered by single-phase power

Lenze i500 Mains Choke

 Lenze i500 EZAELN3002B153 3-Phase Choke 6 Amps

For drives powered by 3-phase power

Other Options and Accessories

The i500 series has a variety of other options available, including remote keypads, braking resistors, sine wave filters, line chokes, and more.  Contact us if you do not find the option you are looking for..