Lenze i500 Modbus RTU Control Unit

Lenze i500 Modbus RTU Control Unit

  • $84.35

The Modbus RTU control unit replaces the standard I/O unit to provide a Modbus interface along with the other standard I/O features.  To order an i500 series inverter with this option instead of the Standard I/O control unit, please order the i500 power unit separately.


Part Number: I5CA5W02000VA1000S
Fieldbus: Modbus RTU
Digital I/O: 5 Input; 1 Output
Analog I/O: 2 Input; 1 Output
Other I/O: Motor temp input; Relay; Encoder input

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Front Panel Options:

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Lenze i500 Wireless LAN interface

Wireless LAN

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USB Interface

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Lenze i500 Power Units:

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