Lenze ESV152N04TXB AC Drive 2 HP 400/480 VAC NEMA 1 (IP31)

  • $453.21

The 480 VAC 3 phase version of the  Lenze-AC Tech SMV series VFD drives takes in 3 phase power from 340 to 528 VAC and drives 3-phase 480 VAC motors with variable speed control. Click here to see our full line of 3-phase motors

The 480 VAC 3-phase version is available from 1/2 HP up to 60 HP.

Lenze SMV drives are available in 3 enclosure types:

NEMA 1: IP 31 rated
NEMA 4X Indoor: IP 65, non-UV resistant plastic
NEMA 4X Outdoor: IP 65, UV resistant plastic - suitable for sunlight exposure

All Lenze SMV AC Drives feature an EPM (Electronic Programming Module),  a rugged memory chip that plugs directly into the drives fascia, cutting programming time to seconds. An EPM programming module allows drive parameters to be instantly copied onto the chip. An optional EPM Programmer is also available to quickly read and store up to 30 drive setups.

Optional snap-In communication modules allow connectivity, control and monitoring using Ethernet, DeviceNet, Modbus, CANopen, or Profibus.

Many other drive options are available, such as dynamic braking, remote keypad, and more. See all drive accessories


Product Specs

model ESV152N04TXB
HP 2
Volts 340-528 VAC
Input Phase 3 Phase
Enclosure NEMA 1 (IP31)