Cerus MTK-63/3-40L Overload Relay 28 – 40 Amps

Cerus MTK-63/3-40L Overload Relay 28 – 40 Amps

  • $88.06

The Cerus line of IEC thermal overload relays from Franklin Electric provide a reliable cost-effective way to protect loads such as electric motors and large lighting systems.  They are designed snap on beneath a Cerus IEC Contactor and turn it off in the event of an over-current overload.  Trip current can be set from the front panel dial.  They can also be set to automatically reset, or be reset manually.    The overload relay features one Normally Open  (N.O.) contact, and one Normally Closed (N.C.) contact. 

The overload can also be mounted on a stand-alone mount, allowing the wires to be connected to any contactor.  

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Current Range 28 to 40 Amps
Rated Insulation Voltage 690 V
Compatible Contactors MRC-50LA,MRC_65LA, MRD-50LA, MRD-65LA
Dimensions (inches) 2.17 W x 3.17 H x 2.3 D 
Standards IEC/EN 60947-1,IEC/EN 60947-4-1,UL 508, K60947
Certifications UL, CSA, CCC,CE, ABS, KEMA, Kepic


Stand-Alone Mount

The Cerus stand-alone mount allows the MTK thermal overload to be mounted anywhere, and used with any existing contactor.   Compatible mount: UZ-63L.