Cerus MRC-32A-24VAC IEC 3-pole Size 1 Contactor 32 Amp 24VAC Coil

Cerus MRC-32A-24VAC IEC 3-pole Size 1 Contactor 32 Amp 24VAC Coil

  • $66.25

The Cerus line of IEC contactors provide a reliable cost-effective way of starting and stopping higher current loads, such as electric motors and large lighting systems.  The IEC design allows for an easy snap on/off mounting to an existing DIN rail.  Available in a wide variety of amp ratings and control voltage coil ratings.   These 3-pole contactors also feature included N.O. and N.C. auxiliary contacts.  Optional current protection thermal overload relays are also available.

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 Contact Rating 32 Amps
Rated Insulation Voltage 1000 V
NEMA Size 1
HP Ratings (single-phase)  2 HP (120VAC),  5 HP (240 VAC)
HP Ratings (3-phase)  7.5 HP (208VAC), 10 HP (240 VAC), 20 HP (480VAC)
Coil Voltage 24 VAC
Dimensions (inches) 2.25 W x 3.27 H x 3.54 D 
Standards IEC/EN 60947-1,IEC/EN 60947-4-1,UL 508, K60947
Certifications UL, CSA, CE, ABS


Overload Relays

Cerus MTK-32 Overload Relay  Overload relays will help protect your motor or other load from damage if the motor or other device gets overloaded, or a phase is lost.  This device, pictured below, attaches below the contactor and will disengage the contacts should an over-current be detected.  Current range is settable from the front dial. See our complete line of Cerus IEC Overload Relays.