Electric Motor Testing and Repair

Caldwell Electric has more than 40 years of experience in diagnosing electric motor issues and repairing them.  We offer full service repairs from simple bearing changes, to a full rewind and rebuild of the motor.  

Motor Reconditioning

A standard motor reconditioning includes the following services:

  • Test, teardown and inspection of winding, bearings, bearing journals and end bells
  • Clean all parts
  • Machine work - as needed at extra cost
  • Replace Bearings
  • Re-assembly, test, and paint

 Pricing varies based on the size and type of motor. We use Vaughen's standard pricing as a guide.  An example is given below:

 NEMA T-frame motor
  • 50 HP 1800 RPM 
  • NEMA 326T Frame motor
  • No Machine work needed
  • 2020 Recondition Price: $595 + bearings
  • New motor price: $2400 to $3800


Motor Rewind

A motor rewind is a complete rebuild. The old wire is burned and stripped out, and replaced with new high-quality inverter-duty rated copper wire.  We only use the highest quality materials to ensure a long life even with the demands of today's high-frequency VFD drives.  The following services are performed:

  • Teardown and inspection of all mechanical and electrical parts
  • Burnout and strip of all old wiring
  • Custom copper wire coils are formed and installed
  • Motor lead connections are formed and soldered
  • Stator is dipped in high quality varnish and baked for 8 to 10 hours
  • Motor bearings are replaced
  • Any machine work is done if needed (extra)
  • Motor is re-assembled, tested and painted

Rewind pricing varies based on the motor power rating, frame size, speed, enclosure, and any other special features.  Please contact us for a quote.

Motor Rewind

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